"Please understand that by applying, you are providing information that we will use online to investigate past
rental history, criminal charges, and/or social media history.  Our goal is to provide our tenants with a very
safe, clean and peaceful place they can call home and be happy living there.  We absolutely will refuse to rent
to, and/or remove anyone from premises that do not abide by these goals." - Steve & Renee Ervin, Owners
If you have problems filling this out, call 740-352-8126 or 740-464-1073
Full Name and Spouse or other
Applicants Full Name
Valid Email Address
Phone Number(s)
Where do you work - what do
you do?
Spouse or other Applicant:  
Work and what do you do?
Total amount of Income you
bring home in 1 Month
Include child support, parent help, or other incomes
When would you like to
be able to move in?
How many people will be living in
the Apartment full time?
Please provide any comments,
explanations, you feel we should
know or you would like for us to
hear, or let us know if you would
like to be on our call list.

Step 2 - We review your application for approval, if we have an available Apartment or if we know
we will have one available, we will contact you by the information you provided.
 If we have not
contacted you within 2 weeks, then we have had no availability or your application was not approved, feel free
to call and ask, or fill out a new application.  We do not call applicants older than 30 days unless they asked to
be on the call list.
Step 3 - When you are contacted and scheduled to look at an Apartment, please bring all applicants
with you.  We will only show it once per application, then we move on.  We do not hold apartments.  Bring your
deposit money $500 with you.  A deposit is required to sign the lease.  If you decide you want the apartment,
you will have to read thru (45min) and sign the lease, pay the deposit.  Your first month's rent is ProRated,
meaning that if you sign lease and move in on 2nd week of the month, the first week is deducted from first
months rent.  If you sign the lease before the current tenant has moved out, your rent is not due until we
release apartment to you after they have moved.
You do NOT HAVE TO PAY RENT until MOVE-IN day (start date on your lease) when you get your keys.